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So it’s time to get your wisdom teeth extracted, and you are getting a little anxious. Our team is happy to help you remain as comfortable as possible during your extraction appointment, but also give you the reassurance you need to stop worrying in advance. To do this, this month skilled dentist, Dr. Heath Hendrickson. Remember, taking out wisdom teeth is all we do so you can rest assured you are in experienced hands!

Your appointment will take about one hour, and we will make you as comfortable as possible and you will be sleeping through the extraction because you’ll be sedated using medications through an IV and a local anesthetic to numb the surgical site. All you need to do is avoid eating or drinking anything for the 5 hours leading up to your appointment. While you are sleeping, our team CRNA will monitor you carefully during the extraction to make sure you are doing great.

Once we get the tooth or teeth out, your surgical site may be sutured with dissolving sutures if needed. When you wake up and are ready to go, we will get you into a wheelchair to help you get your land legs back as the sedation wears off, and transport you to your ride in the parking lot. We’ll make sure you are comfortably seated in your ride before your driver takes off.

While you’re surgical site recovers, which typically takes anywhere from three to five days, you’ll want to follow our post-operative instructions to the letter. The length of time does depend on how impacted your wisdom teeth were, and we want to help your recovery go as smoothly as it possibly can.

If you live in Layton, Provo, or Midvale, Utah and are scheduled for a wisdom teeth removal, we are happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have. You can reach us at 801-370-0050 today!