Anesthesia for Wisdom Teeth Removal

Local Anesthetics

Local Anesthetics are used in Wisdom Teeth Removal to be sure that upon waking you are PAIN FREE. Local anesthetic is administered while you are asleep by giving you dental injections in your mouth. Usually, local anesthetics will keep the surgery site numb for several hours following surgery. Local anesthetics are a safe way of making your surgery experience more comfortable. We use the following local anesthetics: Articaine, Bupivicaine and Lidocaine.

IV Anesthetics

IV anesthesia is administered by a trained and licensed ANESTHESIA PROFESSIONAL. Patients commonly refer to IV anesthesia as 'going to sleep' for the procedure. With this type of anesthesia you will have no memory of taste, sounds, pain or discomfort. The surgery will literally pass in the blink of an eye! The medications are administered through a small IV in the arm or hand. The administration is painless, comfortable and a true marvel of modern medicine. We provide IV Anesthesia to all of our patients as part of the price listed here. To learn more about our anesthesia professionals, click here.


Some patients are concerned about stories in the news regarding IV Anesthesia. WE ASK YOU TO PLEASE NOT WORRY! When performed by competent and experienced anesthesia professionals, IV anesthesia is SAFE, COMFORTABLE AND DESIRABLE!! Please bring any questions you might have to ask and discuss with our Anesthesia Professionals. We want you to feel comfortable and safe!!

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