Wisdom Teeth Removal and Pregnancy

Oct 20, 2010 11:25:37 am by
I am breastfeeding, can I still have my wisdom teeth removed?"

Dr Wisdom Teeth's Reponse:

Yes, you may still have your wisdom teeth removed while breast feeding. Many new mothers are concerned about the drugs administered during the removal of wisdom teeth and their interaction with their breast milk. This is something you should discuss with your OBGYN or Family Doctor; however, generally it is not a concern if certain precautions are made. We recommend that breast feeding mothers pump before the procedure. Following the removal of their wisdom teeth, we recommend they 'pump and discard' twice before resuming normal breast feeding. We do not recommend having your wisdom teeth removed if your baby is premature, low birth weight, or not thriving at the time of the procedure. Your baby's health come first!

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Wisdom Teeth Removal and Pregnancy

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